What Is A Full Body Scrub?

What Is A Full Body Scrub?

Rough skin and dry patches getting you down? Consider a full body scrub treatment to blast away impurities and reveal smooth glowing skin all over.


Full Body Scrub

Full Body Scrub treatments use intense exfoliators to rejuvenate dull skin. The process is essentially an intense polishing of the skin. This helps to rid the skin of dead skin cells and promote a positive cell turnover. We’ve heard of the benefits of facial exfoliators, this treatment utilizes the same techniques. Professional scrubs luxuriously work to restore tired skin, leaving soft new supple skin underneath the grime and debris.


What Does Body Scrub Treatment Look Like?

A full body scrub is a simple treatment that will leave your whole body feeling babysoft. The full body scrub treatment uses rich oils and natural exfoliants to let your skin breathe. The esthetician will apply an exfoliant scrub in circular motions from the neck down, to grind away stagnant cells and buildup on your epidermis. Natural scrub products can include sea salt, sugar, coffee mixed with aromatic oils. The goal of the treatment is to provide a fully enjoyable pampering experience while washing away toxins. The exfoliating process rids the skin of dead skin cells to allow your skin to breathe.


After the Treatment

The body scrub treatment has three acts. First act is a firm but effective body scrub. Second, your technician will rinse away the exfoliating product to reveal youthful, glowing skin, soft to the touch. At this stage, your skin is vulnerable. As your sensitive skin heals, it will naturally boost collagen productivity. After the skin has dried, your esthetician will apply a natural, non-irritating moisturizer. This imperative step will protect your skin and promote proper healing. Moisturizer, post scrub, creates a natural barrier on your skin to prevent from absorbing debris in the surrounding air. This final, crucial step locks in the moisture and promotes cellular turnover.


Long Term Benefits of a Body Scrub

Undergoing Body Scrub treatments regularly is an effective way to promote your full body skin health. It's said that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and in our opinion, among the most important. Without regularly exfoliating your skin, rough skin can build revealing a patchy, colorless skin tone. Those of any age can benefit from a body scrub, but as you age, exfoliating skin regularly can promote anti-aging, reverse sun damage and promote skin growth for a youthful complexion. Professionals advise going in for a body scrub about once a month to achieve the best results.

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