What’s Better For Your Skin: A Shave Or A Wax?

What’s Better For Your Skin: A Shave Or A Wax?

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, the two most common methods are shaving or waxing. Although individual experiences may differ, at Victoria’s Day Spa in Yorktown, we believe the best option for healthy skin is to wax those bothersome hairs. This method will provide you with numerous benefits that are sure to enhance your skin’s appearance. Read on to learn more about why you should wax instead of shave, and contact us today to book your appointment!


Waxing Lasts Longer

One of the main reasons to go with waxing over shaving is that the results last longer. Since waxing removes hair by the root, it will take up to several weeks for the hair to fully grow again. Shaving on the other hand only removes hair above the surface of the skin, leaving results that only last a few days.


No Cuts Or Nicks

If you want healthy skin, the last thing you need is a razer leaving cuts or nicks all over the areas you shave. These cuts can lead to scarring, which may or may not be visible depending on the color of your skin. Cuts or nicks occur due to improper shaving techniques since a blade is used to remove the hair.


Shaving May Irritate The Skin

One of the most common things to deal with after shaving is potential cuts, bumps, burns, or rashes that can be annoying and painful. With waxing, your skin is less susceptible to these issues since no sharp tool is used during the procedure. We also provide wax that is suitable for sensitive skin, so there is no need to worry about dealing with negative results from waxing.


Smooth Results with No Stubble

Since waxing removes the hair from its root, this will result in smooth skin that is soft to the touch. Not only does this help you avoid itchiness and stubble, but it also provides you with weeks of slow growth, letting you take advantage of the results for a longer period of time.

If you are now convinced to take part in a waxing over traditional shaving, and you live in the Yorktown area, come visit us at Victoria’s Day Spa. We offer a wide range of spa treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best! Book your appointment online today.

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